Lawn machines go green

(NBC News) Homeowners across the country will soon be cranking up the yard equipment, or maybe cranking up isn’t the best way to describe it.

Gas power is giving way to alternative sources of power.

Propane driven outdoor power equipment was the talk of a trade show last fall in Kentucky.

Companies that convert engines from gas to propane were well represented.

“Propane produces 80% less toxins or carbons than gasoline or diesel,” points out James Taylor of Metro Lawn.

Americans will be using outdoor power gear powered by something other than gasoline more than ever this year.

It might even be a hybrid, like Raven’s multipurpose vehicle. It also has a lawnmower deck.

“You can have an electric vehicle which will run about 45 minutes just on batteries, but you’ve always got that gasoline engine there for backup,” explains Mark Holloway of Raven North America.

More likely, the equipment will be battery-powered, running motors like Core Equipment’s revolutionary circuit board motor.

“They’re building billions of circuit boards a day for cellphones, computers and everything else. So, we’re just taking that to motors,” says Core’s Lincoln Jore.

Just this week tool giant Kobalt announced that it is also getting into battery-powered outdoor equipment.

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