Gun pulled at McDonalds over missing item

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

CHICKASHA, OK. (CNN) – Police say an incorrect order at a McDonald’s drive-thru angered one customer so much, they pointed a gun at an employee.  Now they are investigating.

There’s a lot of food on that menu, but late Tuesday night something on that menu didn’t make it into one customer’s to go bag.

“A vehicle came through the drive thru at McDonald’s. They got their order from the cashier,” Elip Moore of the Chickasha Police department said.

But there was something missing and the customer was so upset about it that:

“At that point a rear passenger in the vehicle had brandished a weapon,” Moore continued.

Pointing it at the McDonald’s worker at the window because the order was missing either fries or sauce, police are still investigating that part of the crime.

“He raises the pistol and makes the comment ‘don’t make me use it.’ and then the vehicle drives off,” Moore said.

Police aren’t sure if it was a prank or a downright mad customer. Either way the juvenile employee was scared to death.

“Regardless if it was a toy gun or a real gun when they pointed it at the person like it was a real weapon, the person believed it was a real weapon. So it’s no difference. It’s felonious pointing of a firearm,” Moore said.

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