Drunk driving apps aren’t always accurate

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – March Madness season can sometimes be just that, madness. A major factor at these viewing parties is alcohol.

With the novelty of cell phone apps, you can download nearly anything straight to your palm. And even Vigo County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Clark Cottom agrees the numerous drunk driving apps out there could be a help.

“The simple fact that somebody is going to take the time and be aware that they might be over the legal limit and check, we see that as a good thing,” said Cottom.

But he does see a few problems with this tech idea. These apps aren’t particularly accurate.

It’s not a certified chemical test instrument and it can’t determine how alcohol affects the individual.

“There are people who can’t stand up and they’re not over the legal limit. And there are people who are frequent consumers who could be well over the legal limit and they’re able to perform basic motor functions,” Cottom explained.

One popular app is the DUI Checkpoint Finder.

But Chief Deputy Cottom thinks these particular apps are a waste of hard-earned cash.

“I wouldn’t put a ton of money into ways how to get yourself able to get home drunk,” stated Cottom. “I wouldn’t encourage people to spend hard-earned money on things that are going to locate where the police are. There are just as many police officers out patrolling the roadways and keeping the roadways safe. They’re constantly looking for unusual and erratic driving.”

Above all, he’s concerned about letting a technical device make up your mind.

“We don’t want this app to be a decision-maker for you. You still need to make these good decisions on your own,” Cottom continued. “One of the best things you can do with that cell phone is call a taxi cab or call a friend. Then you have no doubt you’ll get home safely.”

And the smarter decisions you make, the safer everyone will be.

“Spend less time trying to outsmart the system. Just make good decisions,” said Cottom.

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