CT woman arrest in Greenfield with 200 bags of heroin

Photo Courtesy: Greenfield Police Dept.

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield Police arrested a 20-year-old woman from Connecticut after attempted to escape from multiple police units and even a helicopter.

According to the Greenfield Police Facebook page, 20-year-old Cayla E. Jones and a male suspect were arrested in the area of Silver and Federal Street in Greenfield. Around 3:30 Thursday, Cayla attempted to lose the police after speeding past State Police.

Cayla E. Jones (Photo Courtesy: Greenfield Police Dept.)
Cayla E. Jones (Photo Courtesy: Greenfield Police Dept.)

Cayla abandoned her car and went on foot to get in a car that was near by. However, with the assistance of the State Police, a helicopter search, K9, and a near by witness, police were able to locate the second car and arrest Cayla and the male suspect.

Greenfield PD said after the suspects were under arrest, officers searched the car and found what they believe to be a large amount of crack cocaine and over 200 individual bags, packaged for sale, of heroin inside the vehicle. The substances will be sent to the drug lab for confirmation.

Cayla Jones, who was driving the car, is from Manchester, Conn. Greenfield PD arrested her for Possession with intent to distribute a class A and a Class B substance. Two counts of possession with intent to distribute within 300 feet of a school zone and conspiracy to violate the drug law.

Cayla is currently in Greenfield PD custody and will be held on bail until arraignment. The male passenger was placed into State Police custody; more information was not made available on his case.

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