2 people injured after building floor collapses in Boston

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP/WHDH)- 2 people have been hurt after a construction decking collapsed in Boston’s Theater District. The accident happened just after 8 a.m. Thursday morning trapping some construction workers.

According to WHDH, it happened at a high-rise apartment building after construction materials being lowered down on to the top of the building proved too heavy for the construction crane. It caused part of the top floor, the twelfth floor, to collapse and then fall down to the fifth floor. Police called this a pancake collapse.

“A section of the top floor gave way. They were putting something heavy on the roof. It caused roof to give in. Unfortunately, two workers were under that. They both got hurt but from what we understand they are not life threatening injuries,” Police Commissioner William Evans said.

“It made a big rumble and we just took off out of the building,” one construction worker said.

The two workers were trapped and Boston emergency responders had to go in and help them out, facing all the debris. One worker was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to Tuft’s Medical Center with a head injury. The other worker was able to walk out on his own, though reportedly he suffered a back injury.

OSHA is en route and will be investigating what went wrong.

Tremont and Washington Streets in downtown Boston remain closed.

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