Teacher serves non-alcoholic beer to 5th graders

(CNN) – Mixed reaction across the Linden School District after a fifth grade teacher allowed students to drink non-alcoholic beer inside the classroom, as part of a history lesson.

According to the Linden School’s Superintendent, it was part of a class project about colonial times. Ed Koledo says a social studies teacher asked her students to bring in food or drink that represented that era; one parent decided to bring in cornbread and  O’Doul’s.

Not that big of a deal to some; at the time Koledo says the teacher didn’t see the harm either. He said, “The teacher decided to look at the label and saw non alcoholic beverage and it thought it was ok.”

But many say it’s not ok, because it sends the wrong message to kids that age.

After one parent called the school asking why her fifth grader brought a bottle of O’Doul’s home and then looking into the matter, the district didn’t think it was a good idea either so they sent out this letter to parents alerting them of the situation, and ensuring them it won’t happen again.

While the district agrees the teacher made a serious mistake by allowing inside the classroom, the superintendent maintains it was an honest mistake. But some wonder if that teacher broke the law.

And here’s why; I myself tried to purchase O’Doul’s from a local store. The cashier checked my I.D. You can’t buy non-alcoholic beverages, or near beers, unless you’re 21.

We also reached out to the state liquor commission, and we’re told furnishing near beers or non-alcoholic beverages to minors is a misdemeanor, and knowing that the superintendent feels strongly that no laws were broken doesn’t erase the decision to actually use it as a substitute, but as far as the letter of the law, it’s not in violation of the law.

The teacher has not been charged.

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