Sex offender could lose lottery winnings

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP)- Should lottery winnings be taken away if their spent illegally? 22News got some reaction to a shocking case.

Daniel Snay, from Uxbridge Massachusetts won $10-million dollars on a lottery scratch ticket. But now, authorities are saying he used some of that money to sexually assault a child. Snay is 62 years old.

He won the money in 2008…when he was already a convicted level three sex offender. He was arrested on Friday, accused of assault a child under 14 years old for the last four years.

Because Snay is accused of using his lottery winnings to commit the crime, there’s some talk about if the lottery commission should take back the winnings.

22News asked people what they think. Francine Deutsch commented, “Once the lottery commission gives him money, it seems that it’s none of their business anymore what you do with it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a horrible crime, it just means that it should be handled by the legal system.”

The lottery says they can only withhold a price if directed by a court. Snay was ordered held on $5-million dollars bail. Although his attorney said that dispite his lottery winnings, he could only afford $25,000.

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