Mom accused of slamming baby into bed

(WEWS/CNN) — An Ohio mother is facing charges on accusations she slammed her two-month old daughter repeatedly into a bed. The woman’s stunned grandmother called 911.

This is Izabella Burke. She was born January 29th of this year. A beautiful baby that was rushed to the hospital last Thursday with a fractured skull.

Police arrested her mother, Jessica Gunderman.

Dispatcher: “Parma 911, what’s the address of your emergency?”
Pyle: “Yes, my granddaughter was slamming the baby on the bed.”

The 911 call was made by Mary Pyle. She’s the baby’s great grandmother. She was watching Izabella when she says Gunderman came home and went into her daughter’s room.

“I heard some slamming in the bedroom and I seen her slamming the baby on the bed, it was unreal. I can’t ******* believe this.”

Mary said, “I grabbed the baby and I yelled at her, ‘What are you doing to Izabella?’ And she didn’t even answer me. I took the baby from her and I smacked her across the face and I said wake up.”

Mary said she doesn’t know what got into her granddaughter. She says Gunderman loves her baby and is a good mom.

“Oh yeah she loves her little girl I can’t believe she would do this,” said Mary. “I don’t think that was my granddaughter.”

The child is now with her father who Mary says has only seen her twice and has an extensive criminal record. She hopes to hire a lawyer to get custody.

“I’ll take good care of her. I know I’m up in age you know but I don’t think she should be with him.”

Gunderman is being held on $200,000 bond. She is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and assault. She’s already on 5 years probation for assault as well.

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