MASSCAP & lawmakers discuss next years budget

Photo Credit: MGN Online

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Association for Community Action, or MASSCAP, met at the State House to lay out top budget priorities for the next fiscal year.

The elderly who live on fixed incomes are facing winter heating bills of more than $1,300.  MASSCAP is asking for $20 million for fuel assistance to help keep 200,000 low income families, children and the elderly warm next winter.

There are 40,000 children on a wait-list to get into state-sponsored preschool programs, 3,500 alone in Springfield. MASSCAP is asking the Legislature and Governor for $37.5 million to move 5,000 kids off the wait-list and into school.

“The situation would probably require $100-million dollars. We want everybody to be able to get affordable child care and be able to have that child care so they can go out and get training, go out and get jobs,” said Paul Bailey of the Mass. Association for Community Action.

If it costs $37.5 million to move 5,000 kids off the wait-list, the state would have to spend a total of $300 million to eliminate the wait-list all together.

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