Mass ranks close to national tax paying average

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- A new study reveals Massachusetts is not living up to its longtime reputation.  22News explains how Massachusetts did not make the list of the states with the highest taxes.

Many states pay tax on food, on cigarettes, on fuel, on cars, and to buy a house.  And while many Massachusetts residents argue they are burdened by taxes, others say it’s just part of life.

“Yea you’ve just got to pay them, it’s what it is.  Whether it’s gas or food or anything you know you just have to pay it otherwise move to another state,” Trent Guihan, from Springfield, said.

To pay some of the lowest taxes in the country you’d have to move to Wyoming, Alaska, Nevada, or Florida.  But a new wallet hub report says Massachusetts is not on the top ten list of highest tax paying states.

Nationally the average family pays about 7000 dollars in state and local taxes.  People here in Massachusetts pay a little less than that with and average annual tax total of about 6800 dollars.

That made Springfield resident Kevin Fay hopeful for the state’s future.

“It’s important in order to attract business that people understand that our taxes are not among the higher states and that’s an important element in attracting business to the area,” Fay said.

Three other New England states that did make the top ten list are Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine, but New York came in at number one with the highest taxes above the national average.
Taxpayers in those states with the highest taxes pay 4-times more than those with the lowest.

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