Looking back on winter 2013-2014

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Wednesday is the last full day of winter, and what a winter it’s been. This winter started mild, but once the cold arrived it really stuck around.

Looking back on this last winter many people describe it in a few choice words. “Oh a real pain, cold cold cold,” said Ron Auger from Springfield.

However, it wasn’t a cold start to winter at all. The first full day of winter on December 22nd had record high temperatures in the mid 60s in western Massachusetts.

Late December was mostly snow free and we even had some rain. January started snowy, the 2nd and 3rd of the month brought half a foot of snow to the lower Pioneer Valley as well as record cold.

Winter’s coldest day was January 4th when we hit 17 degrees below zero only to be in the mid 50s two days later. The rest of January had little snow, some rain and temperatures at or above normal.

February was our snowiest and coldest month. We picked up 27 inches of snow and temperatures dropped below zero 8 times.

“I wouldn’t say it was one of the worst ones, but I would say it’s a lot colder than our previous winters have been recently so it definitely stood out for that,” said Michele Keane-Moore from Longmeadow.

The last few weeks of winter in March have been mostly uneventful. Only a coating of snow and a few rain showers, but little sign of a spring warm-up.

Despite what you might think we’ve actually had near normal snowfall accumulation since October, about 45.5 inches in Chicopee. Normal snowfall through the end of April is 49″

The cold temperatures, however, kept the snow around, perhaps making it feel like a snowier winter than it was.

Normally we get 9 inches of snow in march, but so far just a dusting in the Pioneer Valley. A relatively snow-free March helped get us closer to normal snow rather than above normal.

Spring begins at 12:57pm on Thursday March 20th, 2014.

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