Elementary student brought a steak knife to school

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Parents say they’re shocked to hear a Wilbraham student was found with a steak knife in school. The real surprise was that it actually happened at an elementary school.

Mile Tree School’s Principal Rosemary Bronsan sent out an email to parents Tuesday night. In that email she wrote that a steak knife fell out of the child’s pocket while in class.

Courtney Grippin of Wilbraham says it’s definitely not something you would expect from a seven-year-old. “I was shocked. I honestly thought you were at the wrong school because the high school is so close that is something you would expect there, but not here.”

Principal Brosnan said in her email that at no time did the student threaten any other students or staff members.

22News spoke with the Wilbraham Police Captain who says neither the child nor the guardians are facing any charges.