Was the missing Malaysia flight sabotaged?

(CNN) – The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight now spans two hemispheres. It includes deep oceans and eleven countries, and cracking the case is getting more and more difficult for investigators.

New questions keep coming. What happened during a crucial 15 minute time period as Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crossed into Vietnamese airspace?

Investigators know the last transmission from the cockpit took place early in the flight. They don’t know when the two communications systems were shut down. That begs the question if any of the crew or passengers aboard the flight have anything to do with the plane’s disappearance.

New data also suggests two possible routes: north over more than a dozen countries, and south into the Indian Ocean.

That’s where more than 26 nations continue scouring the vast open sea.

“We’ve been given instructions that if we find any signs of any debris; life jackets, or parts of the aircraft, we should report it to the Port Control,” said Former Indian Navy Commander Capt. Avtar Baath.

The families of the missing are getting seemingly different stories every day, they still don’t even know if the plane crashed or landed, or if their loved ones are alive or not

“We need to know where that fork in the road is going to go, and we’re not ready to take either branch, but we have to know what’s coming,” said Sarah Bajc, the partner of American passenger Philip Wood.

She knows the news could break at any time.

“My son even helped me pick out which clothes to bring for him, so I have an outfit for him in my backpack. “She waits half a world away, as investigators are no closer to providing her answers.

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