Snow plows waiting for a paycheck

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – We all know this was a tough winter and the plows worked long days and nights to clear all the snow, but some plow truck drivers in Southwick, tell 22News, not everyone’s gotten paid.

It was a winter we won’t soon forget.

A series of snowstorms kept plow drivers busy yet some of them told the 22News I-Team, they’re still waiting for their checks.

“It’s been kind of tough because I only received one check this year, they owe me a little over $40,000. It’s getting close right now, I don’t want to be late on any of my bills,” said Southwick’s Michael Girroir.

These drivers are contracted through the state and say combined are owed more than 200 thousand dollars.

They say last year, they didn’t get their money until July and they don’t want it to see that happen again this year.

The drivers say it’s not just about getting reimbursed for their hard work. They say they have heavy equipment they need to maintain and they have bills to pay.

“He’s in construction, I own a pool water business, we need the money to register our summer equipment to get back on the road because we used our summer money for the winter money this year,” said Louis Capone of Capone’s Pool Water.

The 22News I-Team contacted MassDOT spokesman Mike Verseckes who admitted there is a backlog.

He said, “the cost of the winter season well exceeded the budget and additional funding requires passage of legislation.”

He said that legislation passed Monday and checks will start going out in the next couple of weeks.

Drivers say they need it to continue operations.

“It means a lot to us because we truly care about what we’re doing and all we ask is that we get paid.  So, that we can pay our bills and keep everything flowing so the next time it snows we can go out and go to work,” said Joseph Baldarelli of Southwick.

The legislation approved an additional $50 million dollars in funding.

The 22News I-Team will continue to follow this until the workers are paid.

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