Real-life Rambo honored

(WESH) A veteran from Florida whose incredible battlefield exploits may have been overlooked is honored today with nation’s highest military honor.

Today President Obama gave the Congressional Medal of Honor to Sergeant First Class Melvin Morris of Brevard County.

Morris, who risked his life multiple times while serving in Vietnam says he never worried about fear.

“Once you are a Green Beret you are for life,” Morris said.

In his modest port St. John, Florida den hangs five decorations for heroism, valor and bravery.

It was September 17, 1969 his team leader had been shot dead.

Under heavy fire, Morris went in to get the body and vital documents.

A Vietnamese shot him in the chest. He shot back and killed him.

“I didn’t have an exit wound in my back so i know i could survive. So i patched my chest up myself,” said Morris.

Using hand grenades he exterminated the machine gun nest, went in four separate times and retrieved the body and papers despite three wounds.

Another of Sergeant Morris’s citations reads this way. He was in danger of being eliminated when he continued to place fire on enemy positions until they were neutralized then he was attacked again and poured round after round of devastating fire on the enemy inflicting casualties.

Morris was over looked for the Congressional Medal of Honor but a review of heroic acts by religious and ethnic minority members brought a call from President Obama who apologized to Morris and told him he is getting the Congressional Medal of Honor today.

I think it’s wonderful they go back and look.

Because, you know, there were times that things were a little uneven.

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