“Hot patch” pothole repairs underway

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s the day many of you didn’t even know you were waiting for.

Hot patch was finally made available in the lower Pioneer Valley on Tuesday and work has already begun to fix our bumpy roads.

Fair Oak Road is the lucky first street in Springfield to see the more permanent pothole fix known as “hot patch.”

Springfield DPW crews carted a “hot box” down this pothole filled street. The box keeps the hot patch material hot until they fill the hole, spread it, and steam roll it flat onto the road.

When it comes to fixing potholes the hot patch material is ideal because it lasts the longest, however you cannot make it year round. Palmer Paving Company in Springfield just started making it on Tuesday.

Hot patch is real asphalt, the same material as the road surface, but it’s been too cold to make it… until now.

So who’s first? The worst streets with the highest density of potholes get the earliest attention.

It will take a while to get to every pothole.

“Probably two months before everybody has seen the potholes fixed. Certainly the main roads are going to be done within a couple weeks, then the smaller ones and the side streets will be after that,” said Mario Mazza the Deputy Director of the Springfield DPW.

After dealing with bumpy roads for months, many drivers are relieved  the roads will start improving.

“I think it’ll be nice for everybody’s car. It’ll be nice just in general to drive without being bumped all over the place,” said Aimee Lamontagne from Chicopee.

Up next in Springfield: Parker Street, Boston Road and Sumner Avenue.

According to the Springfield DPW, they’ll be doing more street paving than normal this spring and summer thanks to extra money available.

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