Homework levels: little has changed over several years


LUDLOW, Mass (WWLP) — It’s a part of life for students at just about every grade level: homework.  A new report reveals the amount students are assigned every night is pretty consistent.

If you’ve ever tossed your child’s heavy backpack in the car, or stayed up late with them at the kitchen table helping them you may have wondered if your kids are assigned too much.  But the most recent annual report from the Brown Center on American Education reveals they’re likely doing about the same workload you did.

The amount of 17-year-olds who said they were assigned one to two hours of work a night went from 27-percent in 1984 down slightly to 23-percent in 2012. Those who did more than two hours worth of work a night stayed at 13-percent over the years

22News spoke to a Ludlow student who said he was always assigned just enough to keep him busy.

“You usually get home, crack open the books. Work a couple hours. Depending if you do sports or not it really takes up the whole night. Enough for a kid to handle depending how much he does outside of school as well,” Adam Goncalves, said.

Of course college-bound high school students who might be taking advanced placement classes can expect a little more work.

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