Holyoke requests a total of 13 liquor licenses

BOSTON (WWLP) – Getting a liquor license is a complicated process, but according to restaurant owners, selling alcohol can have a positive impact on a city or town.

Before a restaurant or liquor store can sell alcohol, the owner must go through the legislature for approval. 22News found out that Holyoke requested a total of 13 liquor licenses and it has bipartisan support from western Massachusetts lawmakers.

Restaurant Owner, Chris Douglas, believes that if there are more restaurants that provide alcohol for customers, the more neighborhoods will thrive.

Douglas, said, “It’s essential to have a liquor license in a restaurant. It brings people out, it really is a community anchor; a place for people to hang out.”

These requests for liquor licenses go through the same process as legislative bills, and must get approval from the Governor in order for licenses to be granted.