Differences between winter & summer blend gas

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Gas stations use two blends of gasoline, a winter and a summer blend.

For the past six months you’ve been using a winter blend of gasoline when you fill up at the pump. Likely sometime in April or early May, gas stations will switch to a summer blend.

This summer blend is mainly designed to be better for the environment. On hot summer days, gasoline can create more ozone. The summer blend has chemicals that reduce the creation of that pollutant. However, it is more expensive and hasn’t been factored into the price you’re paying now.

“You haven’t seen anything with the summer blend yet with the price increasing; you’ll start to see it and it can even get up to ten cents” said Gary Leyden of Welker Tire and Alignment. “It’s hard to say until they swap it over.”

While the summer blend is more expensive, it burns better and can provide slightly better gas mileage in your car. Once it arrives in the next month or so, the summer blend will be here to stay until September by which point the price should drop again.

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