A late spring means delayed business for garden centers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s looking like spring has not sprung, and it won’t until later than usual this year. 22News found out how that’s been a big let down for people who just love gardening but hate to wait for the start of spring.

Just a few puffy clouds scattered an otherwise sunny sky, but the frozen, lifeless ground confirmed that winter conditions will last well past Thursday’s official start to spring.

“Normally, we’re supposed to be in the mid-40s kind of for the start of spring. Temperatures right now? Low 30s, upper 20s possible for Monday. That’s about 15 degrees colder than normal for this time of year,” said 22 Storm Team Meteorologist Nick Bannin.

It’s really delaying gardening season.

Since it’s still too cold outside to plant, more than 80 gardeners are filling these seats for free weekend seminars at Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield and they’re learning creative ways to plant flowers, when it’s warm enough to do so outside.

Owner Steve Bordenuk gave 22News a tour of greenhouse plants because he didn’t have any fruit trees, perennials or vegetables yet.

“Well normally, we’re accepting shipments for nursery stock and whatnot, stuff that’s dormant. Typically by now, we’ve had 2 or 3 truckloads in,” said Sixteen Acres Garden Center Owner Steve Bordenuk.

No one would buy the seasonal plants if they couldn’t plant them yet. Gardeners like Jenna Strong and her wife are still buying plants, just for inside their homes.

“Oh, I’m psyched but I try not to focus on how cold it is and I’m in denial, so I plant a bunch of stuff inside: hanging plants, jade plants, Bonzai plants,” said Jenna Strong of Springfield.

People with cabin fever will do anything to get that hopeful, fresh scent of spring in the air, even if it won’t be consistent outside for a few more weeks.

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