Potholes continue to cause problems for drivers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Even with spring just days away potholes are still a major issue all over the streets of western Massachusetts.

“It seems like they mended a little bit already, but it’s not that good, it’s definitely just a lot of trouble with the weather. My birthday is in late April and it seems like it’s all the way until late April sometimes that we go through this.. terrible,” said Ruth Moorhouse of Springfield.

Avoiding the potholes can be difficult. Some cars even had to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid them.

But as annoying as potholes can be, for many people it’s more than an annoyance, it’s the cause of car accidents.

22News cameras arrived just minutes after Jessica Barnes from Hampden hit a pothole on Parker Street, popping out her front left tire.

And this is what her car looked like. It was not drivable so she pulled over to the side of the road, called police and waited for roadside assistance.

“It was a horrible clunking noise and I could tell something was wrong on my drivers side wheel, it was just a horrible noise and I pulled over and I didn’t know what to do. It’s scary,” said Jessica Barnes of Hampden.

Triple A arrived shortly after to help take her car in for repair, but she still had to miss work thanks to these holes in the road.

Unfortunately the problem could get worse this week. With our mini warmup comes a dramatic cool down. Snow melt will find its way into cracks in the road and refreeze which could make our pothole problem even worse.

Help could be on the way as some hot patch material could be made as early as Monday.

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