Potholes across western Mass

NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WWLP) — 22News has been receiving a lot of viewer mail about potholes across western Massachusetts.

22News is working for you in Northampton on one street that is littered with potholes.

On Sylvester Road, there are tons of small digs in the pavement. So no matter which way you try to swerve that pretty much makes hitting a hole unavoidable

The road surface is so bad, the city actually put up a sign warning drivers about what’s ahead.

Cars have to go slow, or risk damage to their tires and frames.

22News is working for you on some tips that can help you avoid serious damage.

First, maintain tire inflation and avoid standing water.

Experts say you should also make sure you maintain a safe distance behind other cars.

They also say you should keep your winter tires on until potholes have been fixed, even if that runs into spring.

The people that drive it every day say they need to do something here very soon.

If you do hit a pothole on the highway, it’s your responsibility to pay for any damage.

On town or city streets, it is something you can take up with the local government.


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