Schoolyard fight between public and charter schools

(WWLP) – The fight between public and charter schools has reached the State House but what happens next will impact all of us.

Charter Schools want more students to attend their schools. That would mean less money for public schools.

There’s a bill that’s being considered at the State House that would eliminate the cap on number of students Charter Schools could enroll in under performing school districts.  Holyoke community charter school wants this to happen.

“I’m asking every decision maker out there to please look at our unique situation. obviously other cities don’t have this situation because they’re bigger and they’re numbers are bigger”, said Dr. Sonia Correa Pope, Director of the Holyoke Community Charter School.

The Holyoke Community Charter School currently goes up to 8th grade they’re hoping to add a high school so their students don’t have to travel as far.

“Traveling to a school is inconvenient for anybody”, said Holyoke Community Charter School student Alyssa Myami.

“With a high school here, it’s a home, it’s my second home”, said Holyoke Community Charter School student Katelynn Cruz.

Many Holyoke Community charter school students go to the Sabis International Charter School in Springfield for high school.

Tim Collins is the Springfield Education Association President.  He told 22News charter schools don’t have to play by the same rules that public schools do.

“There should be no expansion of charter schools until the department of elementary and secondary education and the courts make the current charter schools follow the laws of the commonwealth”, said Collins.

We should know if the bill moves forward by the end of next week.

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