Pothole problems continue on Sylvester Road in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – If it seems like every town has a rough stretch of road, it’s because this is one of the worst pothole seasons in memory.

Sylvester Road in Northampton is about as bad as it gets: deep, rough craters and ruts. The road surface is so bad, the city put up a sign warning you about what’s ahead.

Cars have to go slow here, or risk damage to their tires and frames. The people that drive it every day say they need to do something here very soon.

Kaitlin Beckwith of North Florence told 22News, “They fill it up, and then two weeks later it comes right back out, and it’s ten times worse.”

Beckwith told 22News she’s lived here 8 years and it’s always bad, but this year is the worst she’s ever seen it.

22News is tracking the rough roads in western Massachusetts and will continue to let you know which roads are best to avoid to prevent damage to your car.

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