Pot job boom?

(KUSA) Hundreds of job seekers stood in line for over an hour at a marijuana job fair in Denver on Thursday. More than a dozen Colorado marijuana-related companies are joining forces to recruit people over 21 for a variety of jobs.

“We are actually hiring all across the board,” founding partner of Openvape Tim Cullen said. “We’re looking for receptionists, front of the house people, bud tenders, managers… and there are new opportunities.There are lots of sales positions [as well as] marketing, the bookkeeping the legal team, CPAs there’s a lot of behind the scenes that the public doesn’t actually see.”

“I think people are excited about cannabis,” Cullen said. “It’s been exciting following the Facebook leads all week long [because] people are coming from, literally all over the world to be here.”

Some people even moved to Denver for the opportunities they believe are opening up.

“I purchased a vehicle and I drove to Denver so that I could get a job in the cannabis industry” adjunct professor Tracy Postert said.

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