New tattoo removal procedure offers better results

GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — While twenty percent of Americans have a tattoo, many want them removed. Now there is an improved version of laser removal that offers better results in fewer treatments.

Jillian Haras is visiting Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon in Guilford for the fifth time. A once sizable and colorful tattoo, is now pretty much gone.

“It was tropical fish.  It was like underwater scene. They were the coolest ever then when I was 18 – 19 years old – yes, but now I’m 42 and you’re not the same person,” said Haras.

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Jillian is among the growing number of people with tattoo regret. This tattoo is the second one she no longer wants. Thankfully, laser technology has evolved when it comes to tattoo removal.

The latest has a pulse rate in trillionths of a second.

“It’s just automatically firing. It’s seeking pigment and that’s what’s it’s looking for,” said Carol Dyson, R.N.

It offers better clearance in fewer sessions.

“The Pico second laser, the Picosure, has the ability to remove the widest range of different colors,” said Dr. Langdon.

Studies show that it is twice as effective compared to other lasers.

“…meaning the tattoo will go away twice as fast or require half as many treatments,” said Dr. Langdon.

There is very little down time, if any. When Jillian was asked about the level discomfort, she replied, “…it’s not unbearable.”

Which Dr. Langdon points out diminishes with every treatment. Still, getting rid of a tattoo is not covered by insurance. Jillian’s first tattoo took more time than expected.

“This tattoo cost me $50 and I spent close to $4,000 to having it removed,” she said.

There’s more to this for Jillian, who hopes to have her second tattoo removed in the next few months.

“We’re going to Bermuda in May.  My hopes are to be able to wear shorts in public.  We’ll see. I haven’t since I was 25,” she said.

Dr. Langdon says that you can’t predict the number of sessions it will take to remove the tattoo. It all depends on a number of factors including the ink used, size and complexity of the tattoo.

For a small tattoo, the first visit could cost around $300.

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