Cold weather is affecting seasonal sales

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – It was another chilly day Friday and the snow on the ground is taking its time melting away.

And just in case we see another round of winter weather they’re keeping a supply of shovels and scrapers on hand at Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam.

The spring merchandise is out and after a surge in business over the weekend when it warmed up, things dropped off when the colder weather returned.

“But people are getting antsy and they want to get out in some cases people are looking for the good values there’s good values out there now and they want to have that feeling that I have my spring goods the minute I can walk out on my lawn and start raking or start doing anything I want to get out there and do it,” said Bruce Drewniany the manager of Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam.

But the weather has kept people from getting out and getting stuff done.

“Obviously we can’t do anything with the lawn sometimes in February we’re raking the lawn out getting ready for spring not this year I just hope we get a spring I have a remodeling business and that’s been kind of fouled up from outside work and things,” said Philip Kimball of Agawam.

“Normally I would be getting my car fixed right about now but I feel as though I should wait until they fix all the potholes getting the gardening stuff ready buying pots and plants I know the weather is gonna change soon but it really has been a delay,” said Kris Jackson of Springfield.

As soon as the snow does melt away you’ll be able to rake up your yard and start putting down fertilizer.


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