Blaming the kindergartner?

(WNYT) Janeya Nevins, 5, was not in her kindergarten classroom Thursday. Her mother Patricia Rodriguez wanted to to keep her close, after quite a scare on Wednesday.

“It’s still upsetting to me. I look at her and I could still cry,” Rodriguez said.

For nearly three hours, Rodriguez said her world was turned up side down. She put her daughter on a school bus in the morning, but she was nowhere to be found that afternoon.

It turns out, the bus took Janeya to the wrong school, where she spent the rest of the day, in a first grade classroom, without anyone noticing.

The Schenectady City School district sent out a statement saying the 5-year-old also misled administrators and teachers by “assuming the identity of a new student, one whom the school was expecting” and also assigning some of the blame on a substitute bus driver.

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