What not to put on your resume

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The majority of hiring managers spend less than two minutes looking over an applicant’s resume, so you better make sure yours is a good one.

A new careerbuilder.com survey says that hiring managers would like to see more words on your resume that describe what you have actually done to earn the job.

Hiring experts say that you should avoid cliches like, “go-getter”, “hard-worker,” and “self-motivated.”

Louisa Davis-Freeman, the Dean of Admissions at Springfield Technical Community College told 22News she would add “high-achiever” to that list of “don’ts.”

“Well, what is a ‘high achiever?’ Make it something that’s more tangible and talks about what you’ve done that’s very measureable,” Davis-Freeman said.

Some of the survey’s best word choices include: “trained,” “created,” “volunteered,” and “negotiated.”

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