Uncertain future for Geriatric Authority residents and staff

holyoke geriatric authority

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – As 22News has been reporting, financial problems are forcing the Geriatric Authority of Holyoke to close its doors. We explain how residents, their families and staff are all trying to determine how to deal with whatever happens next.

22News went to the Geriatric Authority, where both residents and staff are struggling with an uncertain future, and saying goodbye.

Right now the Authority is working to find new facilities that will accept its 68 residents. 22News spoke with an employee at a care facility in Springfield that’s making room for some of the Holyoke patients.

Leslie Tzivanis of the Chapin Home for the Aging said, “Our biggest thing is trying to work with the social workers at the facility and also the families to make it as least painful as possible and to try to keep people near their families or in their own communities.”

Authority Board Members, along with social workers have been working to find new health care facilities for their residents. They told 22News the state mandates residents have to be moved some place within a 25-mile radius.

A second option would have Holyoke take over and run the nursing home as a city department. No decisions have been made on that.

The Board is expected to meet again on March 24th to discuss the options.