Suspected thief punches 8yr-old and steals his iPad

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (KARE/CNN) – An 8-year-old was walking to the car when all of a sudden a stranger punched him and ran off with his iPad.

Watch the video above to see the surveillance video.

“You just don’t hit a child. You don’t hit a child. He punched a child so hard his nose, might have broken his nose and there’s blood all over his face.” Mohammad Armeli who manages a restaurant says he witnessed the crime.

The 8-year-old was leaving daycare with his aunt, who ran after the thief. She didn’t catch him but Armeli, did.

According to Armeli, “I kept running after him. He tired to get into the apartment buildings. The other apartment building was closed. So he tried to throw stuff away from himself. I stopped him right here and said ‘hey where are you going?’ he said ‘I didn’t do anything, I didn’t’ do anything'”

However, Aaron Stillday has been charged with aggravated robbery, and Armeli says police told him, “He’s been arrested over 60 times this guy.”

The stolen iPad was recovered but crushed. After punching the 8-year-old, Stillday dropped the tablet.

Police say smart devices are hot items on the hot market. Scott Seroka of the Minneapolis Police Dept. said, “We have seen an increase, and you know, basically we’re hearing the reason we are seeing an increase is because of the resale value of these items. When people are walking around with them they’re almost like a target for thieves to kind of go after.”

Days later, Armeli is still steaming but doesn’t regret jumping to help. “Hit a nerve and I couldn’t believe I ran so far. I would do it over and over again. I would just not going to allow anybody to hit a child like that for his iPad.”