New ammo could help protect bystanders

COLUMBUS, OH (CNN) – Police in Ohio are testing out new ammunition designed to help law enforcement take out suspects during hostage situations; without hurting the hostage.

At the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, Columbus Police Swat Snipers are testing new ammunition against bullet resistant glass.

The man in the target photo represents the gunman, the female is the hostage. Swat officers say the goal is always to keep innocent people from getting hurt.

Sgt. Ron Jacobs, Columbus Swat, said, “We consider that every scenario…every scene. Every one’s different.”

However, watch the video above to see what happens when police fire a regular bullet through the glass. The gunman is killed, but the hostage is hurt, too, peppered by bullet fragments.

When swat tests the glass buster, the hostage is unharmed. The glass buster pierces the glass without shattering it, and then stays intact until it meets the intended target.

The same concept applies to cars. “Swat snipers say they have the firepower and precision to take out a gunman in a car, but a hostage in the passenger seat runs the risk of being injured by bullets and glass fragments,” said Sgt. Jacobs.

Officers say if the ammo passes testing it could soon help snipers eliminate the bad guys and keep innocent bystanders out of harm’s way.