Man steps on own fire bomb

HOUSTON, TX (CNN) – A Houston man says a shakedown for money is behind a series of threats that culminated in a fire bomb attack on his car. The attacker was caught on camera, which shows he’s not exactly the most competent of criminals.

Watch the video above to see the surveillance video.

It was just before 8:00 a.m. when a shadowy figure approached a Cadillac. After about 60 seconds of fumbling, he lights what looks like a molotov cocktail and sets it down. This is where the plan hits a snag.

He tries to smash the window with a brick, again and again and again. Finally the glass shatters, but this vandal gets more than he bargains for when he steps right on his own fire bomb. The man runs off with his own pant leg on fire.

While this firebug may seem slightly comical, it’s anything but for the families living in this complex.

Victim: “They’re a bin laden to the gypsy community.”

The owner of this car, which was largely destroyed by the fire, didn’t want to show his face, but says what happened is the latest episode in a string of threats.

Victim: “I’ve been having terroristic threats, multiple threats on my life.”

The man says he’s a business owner who is being shaken down for money. Local 2 confirmed he has filed multiple police reports claiming harassment.

Victim: “This is not a feud that’s going on, this is his m.o.”

He says he knows exactly who is behind this attack, but so far no charges have been filed.

Victim: “We want the law to take this very seriously before somebody dies or gets seriously hurt.”

The Houston Police Department’s major offenders division is investigating the case. So is the Houston Fire Department’s Arson Bureau.