Cricket bat, toilet door in court

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PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — A forensic analyst has demonstrated in court today how Oscar Pistorius may have bashed a bathroom door to get to the girlfriend he had just fatally shot.

The analyst knelt in the South African courtroom and swung a cricket bat at the toilet door, which had been set up in court for the demonstration.

The police analyst testified that he believes the double-amputee track star was on his stumps when he used his bat on the door.

Copyright 2014, The Associated Press
Copyright 2014, The Associated Press

But on cross-examination, the defense instead insisted that Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic legs when he hit the door. Defense lawyers said the marks from the bat on the door were lower because Pistorius swung with his back bent.

Whether or not he had his prosthetic legs on could be an important detail because it could match parts of Pistorius’ story. He has said he accidentally shot Reeva Steenkamp, thinking he was firing at an intruder.


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