Simple Tricks to Taking Better Photos!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Social networks are all about sharing photos of your friends and family, food and more, but how can you make those photos really stand out from the rest? Sandra Costello from showed us how making some simple adjustments can drastically improve the look of your photos!

Natural, beautiful expressions are everything, and when you get those expressions you don’t want them to compete with your background. Finding a simple wall or a solid green area outside, are both backgrounds I like to work with. Don’t put your subject right up against your background but instead have them stand a couple of feet or more away. This will push your background out of focus making your subject stand out more.
Kids don’t always want to have their photograph taken so before the trouble begins place your child in good light so when they do smile you’ve got it. Putting your child in hard light or direct sunlight, causes unflattering shadows and can cause squinting. Find shade from a building or tree cover and place your subject there. If light is reflecting off the ground or another building in front of your subject you’ll see nice light in their eyes and the light on their face will be soft and flattering. During the winter you can even use the snow as a natural reflector.
When photographing food using a back light of some sort adds dimension to your drink or dish and shows texture in the food. You don’t necessarily need to show that light source, natural or artificial, but a hint of it’s direction makes the scene more realistic. Additionally I like to add more light to the front of my dish to fill shadows and add brightness to my image. You can create your own reflectors by taking white foam core, add a bracket and then place it close to your dish until you get the right amount of light. Or you can place those school project boards in front of your dish and that works too.

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