Pothole problems in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- With the fluctuation in temperatures and spring thaw, drivers could be dealing with even more pothole problems than before.

The average cost of pothole-related repairs in Springfield is $553 dollars, according to a recent CNBC poll.

In the poll, Springfield is cited among the the top cities with potholes that can damage your car.

Springfield was not ranked as bad as Worcester, Boston, Hartford, or New Haven, but worse than Detroit, Providence and Pittsburgh.
39% of the roads in Springfield were found to be in poor condition.
27%-good condition
21%-mediocre condition
13%-fair condition
While the statistics implicate the severity of winters impact on the roadways, it also translates into blown out tires and bent rims.

Some potholes have been filled with the temporary cold patch only to re-open when the temperature shifts.

The long term hot patch isn’t expected to be ready until later this month.

Many municipalities nationwide are reporting a shortage in funding after the long winter as well, which affects the amount of time and care that the roadways receive.

You can report potholes directly to the state Department of Transportation by calling 617-973-7800.

You can find the entire CNBC poll here.



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