Are travelers worried following missing Malaysian Airliner?

(AP Photo/Laurent Errera)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Dozens of aircraft from multiple countries continue the search for the missing Malaysian Airliner that literally disappeared without a trace Saturday. 22News talked to travelers about whether tragedies like this one make them think twice when boarding a plane.

Almost three days after the Malaysia Airlines plane vanished, investigators have very little information to work with. We’re learning more about the 239 people who were on board, including three Americans, but still not a clue as to where the plane is or what caused its disappearance.

That red eye was traveling in relatively clear conditions when communication was lost somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam. Investigators believe the pilot may have changed course before it went down, but made no indication of that.

Travelers told 22News it’s a terrible tragedy, but seems like an isolated incident.

“The only time I’d be worried is if there was something wrong with the model of aircraft. With the 787 there were issues with batteries. It’s sad what happened in Malaysia but I don’t think it affects air travel elsewhere,” said Pariksheet Nanda, a traveler who takes several flights a month.

“I have family that lives all over so I travel both here and in Europe. I don’t get concerned. Something can happen in a car or in your home or anything. I just black it out and don’t think about it and go see my family,” said another traveler.

Two men on board were traveling with stolen passports. It’s unclear whether they had anything to do with the plane’s disappearance, but investigators are now looking at hijacking as a possibility.

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