Holyoke reacts to Mayor Morse’s cousin’s arrest

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Holyoke residents reacted to news of the mayor’s cousin being arrested in Northampton on Saturday morning on charges of operating under the influence.

“You are a public figure. You are supposed to be a role model to all of us,” said Holyoke resident Christopher Courchense.

Alex Morse. Elected to the mayor’s office in 2012, making history as the city’s youngest mayor. He made recent headlines by opening the city’s St. Patrick’s parade to gay marchers.

Even more recently, it’s his family making headlines. His cousin, Nicolas Duclos, was arrested and charged with OUI in Northampton while driving a city-owned vehicle.

22News asked Holyoke residents if the actions of the mayor’s family should reflect upon him and if it would matter to them when it comes time to vote.

“Anybody can be wrong you know? But just because someone in his family did something wrong, I’m not going to take it out on him. He’s okay,” said Benni Nives.

“I’m not going to vote for somebody who has family members falling into jail or doing stuff that they are not supposed to. I’m totally against that,” said Victor Rivera.

Mayor Morse sent a statement to 22News that reads, in part:

“This situation has left me feeling betrayed and disappointed…want to be clear that at no point have I sought any favorable treatment for my cousin and am making this statement in order to be completely transparent.

I am fully cooperating with the Northampton Police Department and have asked that all appropriate charges be filed.”

It’s not the first time a relative of the Mayor’s has been in trouble. His brother Doug was arrested for his alleged role in a Longmeadow bank robbery.

In his statement, Mayor Morse goes on to say that he understands that due to the nature of his position, he’s open to criticism.

To read the mayor’s full statement, Click Here.

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