“300: Rise of an Empire”

Rated R

1 hour 40 minutes

Eva Green,Sullivan Stapleton, Lena Headey

They’re back. Those ancient Greeks and Persians are out for blood again in “300: Rise of an Empire”, and true to the original, blood gushes by the bucket load in this super violent exotic sequel.

No one’s more bloodthirsty than Persian temptress Queen Armetesia, played by Eva Green with over the top enthusiasm.

Eva embraces the role of the evil queen with such relish, you just might overlook the sequel being far less compelling than the original.

We find out that Armetesia is actually the power behind the Persian throne.

Once again, the bare-chested Greeks look like health club fanatics without one ounce of body fat between them.

The characters manage to be outrageous enough to have “300: Rise of an Empire” enter the precarious realm of guilty pleasure. And we can always count on Eva Green to sparkle as the equal of any muscular Athenian.

Now whether you’ll have as much fun as Eva Green depends entirely on how well you’re attuned to this colorful but one dimensional adventure,

where they battle to a standstill for the prize of only two stars. And guess what? If you haven’t had your fill of the stylized mayhem, for better or worse, there will be another sequel.

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