West Springfield chemical spill

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – While Western Massachusetts was waking up Saturday morning, the West Springfield fire department was coping with a potentially dangerous situation at the town’s rail yard complex on Day Street.

Hazardous Organic Peroxide spilled from a five pound pail that was about to be moved from a tractor trailer to a CSX freight train at the CSX Inter-Model Rail Yard.

The Hazardous Materials team got there quickly.  West Springfield Fire Chief William Flaherty told 22News, Organic Peroxide is not to be fooled with.

“It can be explosive, flamable, it has corrosive vapors that come off a spill. We evacuated the immediate area, stopped all trains through the CSX rail yard itself,” said Flaherty.

The rail yard remained closed until the emergency crew had cleared away the last drop of the Organic Peroxide inside the tractor trailer.

The chief said the irritating odor was the first sign that West Springfield was confronting a potentially dangerous situation.

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