New bill could grant undocumented immigrants a driver’s license

Springfield, Mass. (WWLP) – The State legislature’s considering a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. It’s called the “Safe Driving Bill” and it’s a controversial issue here in western Massachusetts.

“I don’t care,” said Alexander Fisher-Levesque of Westfield. “They can work and get to work faster or wherever they have to go for their kids, family… you need a car to get to most places.”

Lots of residents told 22News they think it’s a great idea, especially when it comes to road safety.

“If they’re already driving without a license it would be better because they can get insurance then everyone would be protected or covered,” said Kewsi Albury of Springfield.

Under the current law, drivers are required to provide a social security number in order to obtain a license. Although some residents say they think the bill is a great idea, others tell us it just isn’t fair.

“I think it’s more of an insult when there are people trying to come to this country legally and basically it’s also rewarding them for being a criminal,” said Dylan Galland of Westfield.

“You give one form of documentation, now we’re just giving out the medical cards, we’re just opening up the hospitals, really? It just means more benefits down the road,” said Katherine Nogiec of Springfield.

The bill was first proposed in January of last year, a joint hearing on the issue was held this week. Experts say regardless of what stance you take, the legislation could generate nearly 15 million dollars in state revenue through license fees, so this is definitely a bill that will be getting a lot of attention in upcoming weeks.

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