Long lines outside of the Springfield RMV

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There were long lines on Friday at the RMV in Springfield. The Liberty Street location literally had a line out the door for most of the day.

Some of the people in line told 22News they showed when the RMV opened at 9 A.M., and left, figuring they’d come back later. When they returned, their wait time was even longer.

One woman tells 22News that she’s fed up.

“They got to do something. Make it larger, move it somewhere else, make it larger, build another one. Do something to make it more convenient for the people,” said Skylar Morgan of Springfield.

Western District Manager Steve Webb told 22News the longer lines are partially due to short staffing at all three local locations:  Springfield, Chicopee and Easthampton.

The RMV also urges you to conduct your registry business online as much as possible to avoid the lines.

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