Commercial for medical marijuana has launched

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to western Massachusetts, and now TV advertisements could be coming as well. 22News is working for you to see if people think it should be advertised.

At least one person we spoke with didn’t think so, and that person indicated he supports marijuana for medical use.

The first ever major network medical marijuana commercial was recently launched. At least two medical marijuana dispensaries will be in western Massachusetts, one in Holyoke and another in Northampton.

You would need a doctor’s prescription to have access to the medical marijuana.

Karl Haapanen told 22News, “Well it’s been a widely discussed subject anyway so anyway who needs it knows about it already and will go to their doctor and ask for that prescription. But advertising on TV, I don’t think it’s needed.”

The law requires at least one dispensary in every county of Massachusetts.

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