City of Springfield campaigns to repair Campanile clock tower

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– The City of Springfield is expected to announce a campaign to restore the 100-year old Campanile clock tower in Court Square.

The clock tower was once open to tourists, but its been closed for decades because of its deteriorating condition.

Its bells no longer chime, its clock does not keep time, and the corners of the tower are covered in a mesh material to prevent debris from falling to the ground.

Now, the city will campaign to raise $20 million over three years through city and state funding, as well as private donations.

They will need to fix cracks in the exterior, and replace corroded and broken limestone.  Rusty steel inside will be repaired and waterproofed.  The twelve large bronze bells will be restored as well.

Contributions for the Springfield Campanile Project can be made payable to Springfield Council for Cultural and Community Affairs (SCCCA) and sent to the Springfield Campanile Restoration Project, 200 Trafton Road, Springfield, MA 01108. All donations are tax-deducible to the extent allowed by law.

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