Potholes on Piper Road in West Springfield being filled

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – No matter where you drive in western Massachusetts, you know just how bad the potholes have been this winter. 22News is working to show you how they were filling large potholes along Piper Road on Thursday.

There are a lot of them along this stretch of road and they’re trying a different way to fix them. Like many roads across western Massachusetts, Piper Road in West Springfield is full of potholes.

Roads that are in need of paving are usually more susceptible to large potholes. To fix these potholes, the West Springfield DPW is trying something new.

Geoffrey McAlmond, Deputy Director of the West Springfield DPW, told 22News, “We tried a little bit different operation this year as opposed to just filling the pot hole in and then going back two days later and filling it in again what we did was utilize a machine to grind the top surface down that was coming up and then go in and try an repair it that way.”

McAlmond says the new grind and patch process has worked well on Park Avenue. He says the DPW plans to work with the mayor’s office to try and get Piper Road repaved this summer.

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