“Hot patch” coming soon to fix potholes

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In just two weeks, help will be on the way for pothole-weary drivers here in western Massachusetts.

On March 17, Palmer Paving Company in Springfield expects to make tons of so-called “hot patch” materials available to public works repair crews.

Up to now, they have only been using the less reliable “cold patch” pothole filler.

“You’re going to see a significant difference in the performance between the hot patch and the cold patch that they’re using currently,” Barry said.

Yet some streets may be too far gone to benefit from even the hot patch.

Springfield Public works director Allan Chwalek told 22News that one section of Parker Street in Sixteen Acres has been so compromised by potholes that the entire section of that street will have to be rebuilt and re-paved at considerable cost.

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