Early Sunday morning alcohol sales

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- You may soon be able to buy beer or a bottle of wine before noon on Sundays. 22news found out how some people feel about a proposal to allow liquor stores to open earlier.

In some parts of New Hampshire you can purchase alcohol as early as 8 am on Sundays. Now Massachusetts is trying a similar approach by extending Sunday store hours. The Massachusetts house approved a bill that will allow liquor stores to open at 10 am on Sundays. Currently stores have to wait until noon on Sundays to sell alcohol, but this bill would give them 2 extra hours of sales.

One Greenfield liquor store manager argues that the longer hours are a benefit for customers, but it could affect the store’s payroll budget.

Kristie Faufaw of Ryan and Casey’s Liquors on Main Street in Greenfield said, “Now on our end of it it’s two more hours. You know at least 3 more employees at time and a half because we’re mandated to pay time and a half. You add the payroll taxes on that for the year and the worker’s comp on that for the year and let’s hope the two hours pay for themselves.”

Some people told 22News, the liquor store opening earlier was not a big deal. But one resident explained earlier hours isn’t a good idea for people with addictive behavior. Ginger Carrington said, “There’s so many people around now that drink so much, like a lot of alcoholics these days.”

Some businesses say the earlier hours would help during football season for people preparing to tailgate. The bill was approved by the House on Wednesday and will now go to the State Senate for approval.

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