Teen sues parents for bill payments

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- A recent lawsuit has been getting a lot of attention because an 18 year old is suing her parents for child support. 22News  found out how some parents and young adults feel about the case.

A New Jersey honor student is suing her parents for $650 a week in child support. She moved out of her parent’s home just two days before turning 18, but says they should still be responsible for her bills.

Greenfield parent, Serena Burdick, told 22News, “If they’re depending on their parent at what point does this child get cut off?” That is one of the arguments being made in the case.

Some parents feel at 18 you are an adult and should not be fully responsible for your expenses. Burdick continued, “Supporting themselves is a really important thing for a kid to learn to support themselves as an adult. How long do they expect to be living off their parent before they become responsible for their own income?”

One young adult agreed and told 22news if you move out you should have the funds to cover your costs.  Max Williams said, “You should be able to support yourself and be able to pay for yourself and help yourself out if you’re going to be able to move out. Your parents shouldn’t have to help you. They’re not going to be obligated once you’re gone.”

Another teenager also told 22News that your parents should not be obligated to support you after you move out. However, James Dussault added that you should be able to ask your parents for help. “If I call home and say hey I’m scraping the bottom. I can ask them for help and I expect a yes or no answer. I expect them to say yes, but they are not obligated to do so.”

The judge denied the teen’s initial request, and cautioned that the case could lead to a lot of similar claims by teens against their parents.

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