Scanner, “Wall of shame” to deter fake ID use

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Liquor stores like Spirit Haus in Amherst are getting rid of any doubt when it comes to fake IDs.

22News spoke with the District Attorney’s office in Northampton. They said using a fake ID could lead to a $200 fine or maximum of 3 months in jail. If someone tried to use a fake ID in a police officer’s presence, they could be arrested.

In Amherst, Spirit Haus employees said they never have to call the cops. They use a machine that scans IDs. If the ID doesn’t scan, it’s probably fake.

Asa Patterson, a Spirit Haus employee, said, “If it’s a fake, we tell them that we can’t sell them the alcohol and usually they get defensive about it but we tell them we can call the police and then usually they’ll leave.”

The store has a “Wall of Shame” filled with fake IDs. Employees said legally they’re not allowed to give them back to people.

Liquor stores used to compare an out-of-state ID to a book with pictures of real licenses from every state. The scanners make it easier for them.

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