Barnes personnel deploy to Hawaii for Exercise Sentry Aloha

Personnel will deal with real world combat environments

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Over 100 personnel and about 10 F-15 Eagles from the 104th Fighter Wing were deployed to the Joint Base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii for a two week training exercise.

According to a news release sent to 22News, the personnel from the Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield traveled to Hickam, Hawaii, to participate in exercise Sentry Aloha, which is a two week large scale training exercise hosted by the Hawaii Air National Guard.

Personnel will deal with real world combat environments; F-15 and F-22 crews will plan, brief and debrief as one unit. Also, they will get training in deploying to and operating from a new environment.

“The focus of the training will be on large scale mission scenarios that allow our F-15 pilots to practice aircraft collaboration with F-22 Raptors in a simulated combat environment,” according to Maj. Eric Armentrout, 104th Fighter Wing Sentry Aloha Project Officer.

“This Sentry Aloha is the largest ever attempted, with aircraft from four different units flying,” said Chief Master Sgt. Doug Awana, Non-Commissioned Office in Charge Sentry Aloha, Hawaii Air National Guard.